Sunday, June 3, 2007

Welcome to our on-line Family Journal!

It's new! It's exciting!! It's my on-line Family Journal!! (And the crowd cheers!!)

Okay, so maybe you're not as excited about this new journal as much as I am. :) But, this will benefit you as much as it will ME!! This on-line journal will help me keep in contact with all my friends & family. And, as most you all know - this Shephard Family isn't very good at keeping in contact with friends & family. Those who live close to us see us regularly & know our happenings, but if you live quite a ways a way - you probably forgot what we looked like!!! Well, you're in luck because I added our most recent family picture. Just to jog some of your memories - I am the woman on the left. My name is Diane. (yep, that's me!) Jeff is the handsome guy on the right holding a cute curly haired Brianna. (Who just turned 3 yrs. old last week) McKenna is our 11 yr. old in the middle & Cameron is the happy 9 yr. old boy with the big grin in front. Are we starting to look familiar to you now?!?!?!

As interesting things happen in our lives, I will post it on here & send it out to all of you! Sounds pretty cool - doesn't it? I will attach pictures, tell stories, & post happening of the children & generally anything I feel like posting that happens to our family! Just a little warning - some of it may be a little crazy! Are you up for it?!?!?
Diane & the Silly Shephards


Carter & Faye said...

Diane, you are great writer!! It is another one of your talents. I love how you write and will look forward to each post you send. Have you ever thought of writing a book?

Love you,


Diane said...

Hi Faye! So glad you got on here & could view everything. I HAVE thought about writing a book. But, then I thought again. :) :) Not sure I'm up for that.

Roseanne said...

The crowd cheers!!!! Yeah you're a blogger like me!! Yippee! And you are related to the Bennions? My last Bishop before I moved her was one. I think is wife was named Sarah. Too funny, if your cousin lives over by freestone park (off of Lindsay and guadalupe)than we know the same person...hmm
~Anyways, let the blogging fun begin!

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