Sunday, June 3, 2007

And they said I couldn't sew!

So, this is a bag. I really cute bag - don't you think? I didn't buy it at Target. It isn't something you can get at the Clearance Section in Macy's. This is a very RARE bag. It's worth more then I can even tell you. That's because this bag is something I MADE!!! (Okay, get back up off the floor & snap your jaw shut!) I really did make this. REALLY!! ..........No, I'm serious here.
I've never been known for my sewing skills. I have lots of talents & sewing just doesn't happen to be on the list. :) However, I took Home Ec in High School & passed with an A+!!! I still couldn't tell you exactly how I made the shorts, dress, shirt & blanket that I brought home from the class. The teacher just kinda liked me so she pretty much helped me with everything by telling me what to do!! I obeyed & the clothes turned out BEAUTIFUL!!
My very, very wonderful cousin Sara Bennion helped me make this. )And, she will probably never help me again after this. HA!) I think she realized that night that when I said I don't know how to sew - I WAS SERIOUS!! However, Sara was very patient & the purse actually turned out pretty dang good. I think I may even use it. IMAGINE THAT!! Thanks Sara!

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