Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's a BOY!!

Yes, it's true. We will be having another cute little baby boy. I am thrilled. We have 2 girls & 1 boy. Another boy just seems to make everything even. The name we have picked out so far is Treyson Blake Shephard. That should stick until I change my mind! HA!

Cameron, who is now 11, was the cutest little boy ever. I posted a picture of him here when he was 4 yrs old. Isn't he cute?! (All his youger pictures I'd have to scan & I haven't gotten that down yet.) Anyway, Cameron had cute curly hair & was just adorable. When he started talking, he had a little raspy voice. I just loved & adored him so much - I still do! He's a good boy. If this little boy turns out to be anything like Cameron was, I'd be overjoyed. But, honestly, I will be very happy with how ever he comes.

So, I am now 22 week along. Over 1/2 way! And, I still get sick...... It's disappointing actually. I am not throwing up anymore, but I still get the queazy, yuck feeling every once in a while. Luckily it isn't every day, but it's enough to make me just get MAD! Those who have been pregnant & very sick know exactly what I'm talking about. Most times I am very good at disguising how I feel & just go along with the flow. But, as soon as I am alone, I get weird. :) Not sure if that's a good way to describe it, but yeah......weird is about right. 5 months of feeling sick really takes a toll on you! Sometimes I cry. Sometimes I hide myself in my bedroom & lay on the bed & look at the ceiling & pray. I can feel the baby moving inside me & know all of this will be worth it someday. It doesn't seem to matter what I eat or how often, I still will get the weird, sick feelings. If you're reading this & worrying about me, PLEASE DON'T! I'm really fine. I knew when I got pregnant that it would be this way. And I'm accepting it, just not really enjoying the yuck parts. But.......THIS IS THE LAST TIME I WILL BE DOING THIS!!! I am done with kids. 4 is a good number. And I'm just too old to do this again. I'm turning 39 this month. I'll be 57 when this baby graduates from high school!!!

Well, enough for now. I'll be back! :)