Monday, June 18, 2007

Update on Jeff's testing!

No picture for this one. :) Just wanted to update everyone on Jeff's testing to enroll in the Police Academy. He went in for the 1 1/2 mile run & passed easily. He did the push-ups without any problems & for some reason was not able to do all the 28 sit-ups that were required. He had practiced at home & did 28 without any problems. But, when he got there, he was very disappointed that he missed passing the physical portion by 3 sit-ups. However, he passed the written test!!! YEAH!! (He will find out his score in the mail.)

The next step from here is for Jeff to try out again next month. He has to do the entire run & push-ups again along with the sit-ups. We're crossing our fingers that he makes it this time.

Say a few prayers for him.

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