Monday, June 18, 2007

Look where I went last week!!

I did it!! I attended a Women's Health Retreat this weekend & it was FABULOUS!! I reccomend something like this to anyone & everyone!! Pictured above is our little group minus 2 who had to leave early or was taking the picture. :) I am in the red on the left. Our wonderful leader is the tiny one on the right. Anyone want to guess how old she is?! If you guess 25 which is how old she looks, you are wrong. Think HIGHER!! Much HIGHER!! She is an amazing person & I learned a great deal about myself & how my food choices are making me not so healthy. At this retreat we cooked our own food at every meal which I LOVED!! Hands on works best for me. We worked out every morning & we had great classes on all kinds of things realating to our health. I made some wonderful friends & am looking forward to keeping in contact with all of them for life!!

If you'd like more information about this retreat, you can visit

Update on Jeff's testing!

No picture for this one. :) Just wanted to update everyone on Jeff's testing to enroll in the Police Academy. He went in for the 1 1/2 mile run & passed easily. He did the push-ups without any problems & for some reason was not able to do all the 28 sit-ups that were required. He had practiced at home & did 28 without any problems. But, when he got there, he was very disappointed that he missed passing the physical portion by 3 sit-ups. However, he passed the written test!!! YEAH!! (He will find out his score in the mail.)

The next step from here is for Jeff to try out again next month. He has to do the entire run & push-ups again along with the sit-ups. We're crossing our fingers that he makes it this time.

Say a few prayers for him.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

My husband - the Police Officer?!?

It's official! Jeff got the invitation in the mail. After filling out the application and having it screened, the DPS has invited Jeff to come try out for being a Police Officer. He will go in for his evaluation on June 12th at 6 a.m!! BRIGHT & EARLY!! He will run a mile & a 1/2, a 300m dash, the obstacle course, a vertical jump, do timed sit-ups, push-ups & then go through all kinds of tests & evaluations.

How do I feel??! Good question!! I've never had a Police Officer for a husband, so I'm not quite sure what to expect. I DO know that Jeff has been wanting to do this for over 9 yrs. I thought that perhaps the idea of being a Police Officer would go away, but it only became stronger. So, I decided this must REALLY be something he wants. And, I'm excited for him!! I told him to follow his dreams. We'll keep you posted on how it goes. :)

Before & After

I've had lots of requests of people who wanted to see these pictures - so I'm going to post them here for everyone!! The first picture was taken in July of 2005. The second was 1 yr. later. (My daughter took the picture & told me to pose & I did!!) I lost a total of 75 lbs. And since then I gained 4, lost 5, gained 3 & lost 4 & then gained 5 again. But who's counting anyway?!?! I'm feeling good & have kept the majority off for a whole year. YEAH!! I'd like to lose another 25, but I'd be fine if I stayed right here for the rest of my life.
I still love chocolate & eat junk now & then. I love to have fun & am always up for a good meal. But, those are on rare occasions - like when I'm around all of you. So, if you see me chowing me & want to know where I hold it all, just know it must be a very special occasion!! NO, REALLY!!


Okay, so my birthday is next month. :) I'll be OLD!! (Closer to 40 then 30!!!) I've been trying to decide what I want for dinner that night. (You know it's all about the food, right?) Now you may be asking yourself - "What does your birthday have to do with the nasty picture on the right?"
This picture is actually a cake!!!! HA!! Don't you just love it?!? It's a chocolate cake made with crumbled cookies & rolled Tootsie rolls on top. Wouldn't it be a hoot if I made this & served it to my kids for dessert?! They'd think I need to check myself in to the nearest Looney Bin! Anyone want the recipe?!?!?

Mom, I'm tired!

A picture tells 1,000 words! While eating lunch, Briannas head kept falling over & she seemed to be moving real slowly. I asked if she was tired & her firm response was - "NO!" So, I turned around to get her a drink. It took me all of 15 seconds. When I turned back around with a glass of milk, this is what I found!!

I guess NO must mean YES!!

And they said I couldn't sew!

So, this is a bag. I really cute bag - don't you think? I didn't buy it at Target. It isn't something you can get at the Clearance Section in Macy's. This is a very RARE bag. It's worth more then I can even tell you. That's because this bag is something I MADE!!! (Okay, get back up off the floor & snap your jaw shut!) I really did make this. REALLY!! ..........No, I'm serious here.
I've never been known for my sewing skills. I have lots of talents & sewing just doesn't happen to be on the list. :) However, I took Home Ec in High School & passed with an A+!!! I still couldn't tell you exactly how I made the shorts, dress, shirt & blanket that I brought home from the class. The teacher just kinda liked me so she pretty much helped me with everything by telling me what to do!! I obeyed & the clothes turned out BEAUTIFUL!!
My very, very wonderful cousin Sara Bennion helped me make this. )And, she will probably never help me again after this. HA!) I think she realized that night that when I said I don't know how to sew - I WAS SERIOUS!! However, Sara was very patient & the purse actually turned out pretty dang good. I think I may even use it. IMAGINE THAT!! Thanks Sara!

The Price is Right!

Here we are!! 2 weeks ago my mother, 8 sisters & I all traveled together in a big 15 passenger van to go to The Price is Right!! This picture was taken immediately after we left the show. We're not bad lookin' for having to get up at 3:30 am that morning & getting zero sleep after hanging out on the street corner. (YES, we actually did that!!) Our shirts say - "My Mom Loves Bob!" And of course, my mother couldn't have the same shirt, so hers said - "I'm the Mom that Loves Bob!" We had a blast. We got to sing for Bob Barker & he even introduced us on TV as a very special family. We got to stand up & wave!! It aired on May 25th. My mom got an autographed picture of Bob Barker that she hung on the wall right next to a picture of Dad. (Oh, just joking!!) We are STARS!! Any of us will be happy to sign autographs if you want one. :)

I couldn't post this picture & tell you about our Price is Right experience without telling you a funny story. (Yes, you know me - always got a story to tell!) As we were walking into the waiting area for the Price is Right one of the workers was reading all of our shirts as we passed by & counting how many of us there were. My Mom was the last to enter & he leaned over to her & said - "Are all these girls yours?!?" My very prim & proper Mother answered - "Yes, they are." Then she paused & said - "I guess I never got spayed or neutered!" HA!!!! HA!!!! For those who don't know, Bob Barker announces at the end of every show to help control the Pet Population by spay or neutering your pets. So, there you have it. This will go down in my Mom's history right along with her Michael Jackson dance she performed at the Family Reunion.

Can I just tell you how much I LOVE my sisters!! This pictures tells more then just cute t-shirts & tired grins. It shows a family of girls who will do any for each other. It's tells of a mother who sacrificed more then we even know for the sake of her family! When I see all of us together, I think of what it will be like it Heaven. Complete JOY!! The only thing missing is our cute brother.

Welcome to our on-line Family Journal!

It's new! It's exciting!! It's my on-line Family Journal!! (And the crowd cheers!!)

Okay, so maybe you're not as excited about this new journal as much as I am. :) But, this will benefit you as much as it will ME!! This on-line journal will help me keep in contact with all my friends & family. And, as most you all know - this Shephard Family isn't very good at keeping in contact with friends & family. Those who live close to us see us regularly & know our happenings, but if you live quite a ways a way - you probably forgot what we looked like!!! Well, you're in luck because I added our most recent family picture. Just to jog some of your memories - I am the woman on the left. My name is Diane. (yep, that's me!) Jeff is the handsome guy on the right holding a cute curly haired Brianna. (Who just turned 3 yrs. old last week) McKenna is our 11 yr. old in the middle & Cameron is the happy 9 yr. old boy with the big grin in front. Are we starting to look familiar to you now?!?!?!

As interesting things happen in our lives, I will post it on here & send it out to all of you! Sounds pretty cool - doesn't it? I will attach pictures, tell stories, & post happening of the children & generally anything I feel like posting that happens to our family! Just a little warning - some of it may be a little crazy! Are you up for it?!?!?
Diane & the Silly Shephards