Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Price is Right!

Here we are!! 2 weeks ago my mother, 8 sisters & I all traveled together in a big 15 passenger van to go to The Price is Right!! This picture was taken immediately after we left the show. We're not bad lookin' for having to get up at 3:30 am that morning & getting zero sleep after hanging out on the street corner. (YES, we actually did that!!) Our shirts say - "My Mom Loves Bob!" And of course, my mother couldn't have the same shirt, so hers said - "I'm the Mom that Loves Bob!" We had a blast. We got to sing for Bob Barker & he even introduced us on TV as a very special family. We got to stand up & wave!! It aired on May 25th. My mom got an autographed picture of Bob Barker that she hung on the wall right next to a picture of Dad. (Oh, just joking!!) We are STARS!! Any of us will be happy to sign autographs if you want one. :)

I couldn't post this picture & tell you about our Price is Right experience without telling you a funny story. (Yes, you know me - always got a story to tell!) As we were walking into the waiting area for the Price is Right one of the workers was reading all of our shirts as we passed by & counting how many of us there were. My Mom was the last to enter & he leaned over to her & said - "Are all these girls yours?!?" My very prim & proper Mother answered - "Yes, they are." Then she paused & said - "I guess I never got spayed or neutered!" HA!!!! HA!!!! For those who don't know, Bob Barker announces at the end of every show to help control the Pet Population by spay or neutering your pets. So, there you have it. This will go down in my Mom's history right along with her Michael Jackson dance she performed at the Family Reunion.

Can I just tell you how much I LOVE my sisters!! This pictures tells more then just cute t-shirts & tired grins. It shows a family of girls who will do any for each other. It's tells of a mother who sacrificed more then we even know for the sake of her family! When I see all of us together, I think of what it will be like it Heaven. Complete JOY!! The only thing missing is our cute brother.

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