Sunday, June 3, 2007

Before & After

I've had lots of requests of people who wanted to see these pictures - so I'm going to post them here for everyone!! The first picture was taken in July of 2005. The second was 1 yr. later. (My daughter took the picture & told me to pose & I did!!) I lost a total of 75 lbs. And since then I gained 4, lost 5, gained 3 & lost 4 & then gained 5 again. But who's counting anyway?!?! I'm feeling good & have kept the majority off for a whole year. YEAH!! I'd like to lose another 25, but I'd be fine if I stayed right here for the rest of my life.
I still love chocolate & eat junk now & then. I love to have fun & am always up for a good meal. But, those are on rare occasions - like when I'm around all of you. So, if you see me chowing me & want to know where I hold it all, just know it must be a very special occasion!! NO, REALLY!!


Carter & Faye said...

Diane - Thanks for posting your before and after pictures. I had forgotten how you looked before. I'm so proud of you! You really have lost alot of weight. I hope you keep going. If you want to lose 25 more pounds, then do it!! You have that "secret weapon" that alot of us don't have to help you do it. Whatever you choose, losing 75 lbs is awesome and so are you!!!

Your Sista,


Roseanne said...

You look totally AWESOME!!!!

Jonathan & Candace Evans Family said...

WOW, Aunt Diane! That is AMAZING! You are an inspiration! :)