Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's time to tell the world!

Well, I guess my blog is the best place of all to let the news out. :) We just told our kids & today it's time to tell the world!!

I am pregnant with baby #4!!
I'm about 2 months or so along & starting to feel the icky stuff, so I figured I better tell everyone before they begin to wonder. (ha!) I am thrilled & disgusted about it all in one. We always wanted 4 kids so this is good! However, if there's anything in the world that I don't's being pregnant!! I can honestly say I don't like anything about it except the outcome. I'm one of those kinds that just feels "blugh" the whole time. It's kinda like having food poisoning for 9 months. :) :) It took Jeff a while to talk me into this...but I'm happy about it. Really! (I'm trying to convince myself here!) To build myself up for this, I though I'd make a list of things I enjoy about being pregnant.

1. Gaining tons of weight is sooooo much fun!
2. I can't wait for people to do a double take of me trying to decide if I've gained a few pounds, wondering if my clothes shrunk in the wash or if I'm pregnant.
3. Buying bigger bras is a major JOY!
4. Going to the bathroom 20 times a day is always very convenient.
5. Smelling meat cooking makes my stomach dance!
6. Having to spill my guts in the most inconvenient times is the best feeling ever!
7. Falling asleep at 8:00 at night is great for my social network!
8. Having the sudden feeling you need a ________ to eat RIGHT NOW actually is quite cool!
9. Mood swings - need I say more?

I know what I'm in for & I still chose to do this!! That's because I know how very precious the outcome will be & that to me - is VERY worth the 9 months of pure bliss!

So, no laughing at my big behind or coveting my newly purchased tents! I am trying my best to be so EXCITED about this all & gosh darn it, I AM!!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A fun day at the park with Bren!!

Riding the carousel!!
Brianna feeding the duckies! We spent a whole hour doing this! This was her favorite thing to do!

Brianna & I waiting for the train to arrive! 20 minutes seemed like a LONG time for a 4 yr old!!
The train arrived & we were on our way!! See ya later!!!

I realized a few weeks ago that I only have 2 months left to spend one-on-one with my little girl! In 2 months school is out which means chaos with everyone home! Then she starts kindergarten in August. My little girl isn't little anymore! I already miss her & she isn't gone yet!! So, I decided that she & I needed a "special" day where it's just she & I hangin' out doing fun stuff. Every Friday we are going on an OUTING! :) This week we went to Freestone Park where they have a fun train ride, ducks & carousel. We packed a fun lunch & lots of bread & we were on our way! I've highlited some of the fun stuff!

Brianna is my last child & will be turning 5 in a few month. My baby is 5!! She has been an absolute JOY! She is so much fun & has a personality that everyone seems to love! She is the best little dancer you ever did see! I'll have to post a video sometime. I am so grateful to have this little girl & couldn't imagine my life without her.