Thursday, August 30, 2007

I absolutely LOVE Spaghetti!

We recently attended a Ward Spaghetti Dinner. Brianna was more then thrilled! She was the first in line. We were laughing when we saw her plate filled with noodles ONLY! No salad, no bread, no sauce, no drinks! NOTHING BUT NOODLES!! Then, she proceeded to climb up to the table & chow down on the entire plate. She was enjoying her spaghetti so much that we had to take a picture.
Believe it or not, she ate the entire plate!!!!
(Isn't she just so dang cute?!?! Look at those closed eyes and how wide she opens her mouth. And can I just mention how much I love little girls in pig-tails? Oh, am I bragging?!?!?!?)


Carter & Faye said...

Little kids seem to love noodles! They don't need sauce or cheese or anything. Noodles make them happy! Wouldn't it be awesome if all we needed were noodles in our lives to make us happy?


Malin Warren Lewis Family said...

DIANE, you're back!! Yeah!! I love all your cute posts!!. What a cutie. IT makes me feel godo to know that my kids aren't the only ones that fight....... Lvoe you!!