Friday, August 31, 2007

A picture says 1,000 words!

Here are my JOYS!! These are the people I love being around & live my life for. :) This picture is a good one because it tells so much about us & who we are.

First of all, everyone is in their Sunday Clothes. Kinda funny that we had time to actually stop & take a picture before we went to church! This never happens!! We're usually running out the door & barely making it on time. That's why this picture is a treasure! We were all completely ready this Sunday with 5 min. to spare. MIRACLES DO HAPPEN!!!!

I'm sure you've noticed Cameron's eyes. Yes, this is a typical look for our 9 yr. old boy. He calls himself the "Class Clown". He is always doing something funny & trying to get a laugh. You'll also notice that his shirt is a little short on the arms. I bought that shirt only 2 months ago & he has already grown out of it!! I can't keep up!

Brianna is sitting in her Daddy's lap which is her favorite place to be. She is also snuggled in her favorite blankie that she got from Grandma. She HAS to have this blankie when she sleeps. She is playing with her fingers which is a trait that she got from her mother (ME) & I got from my mother! We are always counting on our fingers & moving them around when we sit. (Do we need therapy?!?!?)

McKenna is standing in back & overseeing the family. She is the 2nd Mom in our house. She loves to be in charge & take control. Most of the time she does pretty good except when her 9 yr. old brother doesn't want to listen. She also is growing up & has become so tall. She's not a little girl anymore. This picture is where I see a young women starting to bloom & it scares me a little bit! I don't know how to parent a teenager. (I think I need to get some books!! Or maybe some counseling?)

Jeff & his trademark smile are what first intrigued me by him. Isn't he cute? The sweater he has on is one that I bought him for Christmas. I'm not sure he really likes it but he wears it because I gave it to him. That's the kind of guy he his - he tries to do anything to please me. And, he does a pretty good job of that - sometimes. :) (Hey, you can't be perfect all the time!)

And then we have the lovely background of this picture. This is our office & it looks very messy. It always looks messy! I clean it up once a week & within 5 min. it's a mess again. (I would hate to see what it would like if I didn't clean it up once a week?!?!??) But, the fact that you get to see us for who we are is priceless!! This is the Shephard family & my treasures.


Malin Warren Lewis Family said...

Diane, I do the exact same things with my fingers. And I never knew who it came from . NowI know, GRandma Richardson!!I'm always tapping my fingers and counting them, etc. Oh that's too funny. I'm usually counting out words by threes....why do we do that? Because we play the piano?

Diane said...

How funny Sarah!! I had no idea there were other "finger tappers" out there. :) I always thought it was because we played the piano but when Brianna started doing it, I wasn't sure.

Yep, we're related!!

Linda Merrill said...

A picture DOES say a 1,000 words... that's nice that you had some time before running out the door to take a picture. I've tried this before but we're always literally running out the door so we're not late! And I'm so impressed with McKenna making bread on her first try? It took me like three times before I had it down. Way to go! Love your posts, Diane. They are very entertaining to read. Love you!