Friday, August 31, 2007

I won a Scout Award!

This past week Cameron was supposed to make & decorate a dessert for a merit badge in scouts. The dessert had to reflect the 100 yr. celebration of Cub Scouting!! Here he is with his creation! He made cookie dough rolled it out into a big circle on a baking stone. Then he frosted it with the boy scout colors & did the entire design all by himself. He's a pretty good artist. (The center design is the picture on the side of his cub scout book.) He won an award for the most unique because his was the only one that was a big cookie!

Cameron is eagerly working on all his scouting requirments so he can earn his Bear before his birthday in October. He & his dad have been working together & he's on top of it all. Isn't he a cute little cub scout?!?

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Carter & Faye said...

Awesome, Cameron! You did a great job, I love it!! How did it taste??

Aunt Faye