Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What's this weight thing about anyway?

So, as most of you know - my weight fluctuates A LOT! I've been at all kinds of weight in my life. I'm currently "okay" with where I'm at, but would LOVE to be a much healthier weight. If I lost 25 lbs I think my body would feel & function better. I am a pretty healthy eater most of the time. I don't cook with sugar, white flour, or yucky additives. It's not even in my house. I also don't eat large portions. However, I am an emotional eater. Yes, that's me! When something is bothering me - it seems like a big Dr. Pepper & chocolate cures all. (Wouldn't it be nice if it really did?)

Is there anyone out there who has successfully conquered the emotional eater demon? I'm a pretty self-disciplied person & can accomplish whatever I put my mind to, EXCEPT for this eating thing. It kinda bugs me that I can't seem to get this down! I mean, what the heck?!?!

I've heard that I should try to replace my emotional feelings with something other then food. Like what?........knitting??!?! I had a friend who told me she started exercising when she felt the strange eating thing comin' on. Well, that may work great for her, however; sorry to say - but that really isn't likely to happen with me. Exercise is more like a punishment then a replacement for something I enjoy. Don't get me wrong - I still exercise, but I don't enjoy it. I do it because It's good for me. :) (Kinda like an enema. It's good for you, but does anyone really enjoy it?!?!)

Maybe I should just stop stressing? Easier said then done, but let's just humor this topic. Say all my stress was completley gone. Just zapped away!! (LOVELY!!) Unfortunately, emotional eating isn't just about stress. It's so much MORE!! I eat when I'm happy! I eat when I'm excited. I eat when I think I did something really well & need to be congratulated. I eat because it's Friday & party time! Are you gettin' the idea here?!?!? :) Food is my friend! I celebrate with food. In-N-Out Burger and I are great friends.

Truly, I am okay with me the way I am. I have a good self-esteem. I'm not slowed down in any way because of my current weight. Some days I just think - why worry? But, I ain't gettin' any younger if you know what I mean. I'm 38 & living a healthy life at ALL ages is pretty important to me. I should really figure it all out right NOW. Don't ya think?

I know I can lose the weight, but I am not confident that I can KEEP it off. :) So, why go through the effort to lose it in the first place? Oy....all these crazy things that go through my head.

Yeah, this is just a ramble. Thanks for reading. :) If you have any insight, send it my way.

Until my next rambling session... Over & out.


Diane said...

I think it's hilarious that nobody ever wants to comment on the topic of weight!! LOL

It's kinda like the big elephant in the room that everyone is ignoring.


Deanna Semendoff said...

Ok, I'm not good at this either but I do like the weight watchers little ice creams...it's just a small cup and a little expensive but they are decent tasting. Also fudgescicles....only 45 calories in a small fudgescicile. I love a good Dr. Pepper but I always settle for diet. If I want a Dr. Pepper it's from Sonic with Vanilla. Weight watchers also has some turtle type candy that I find at Walgreens they're pretty good too. Good Luck!