Saturday, February 14, 2009

100 pink roses for Valentines Day!

He did it!
My husband actually bought me 100 pink roses for Valentines Day!
Isn't that just sweet? Since several people know our financial situation & know that buying 100 roses is NOT in our budget, rest assured that he got them for a VERY good deal. :)
Since it is Valentines day, & my husband totally scored, I thought it might be appropriate for me to tell you all the wonderful things I love about him.
Here goes:
1. He is the "fun" dad. I'm the "stick with the schedule" person & he's all FUN!!
2. He is smart as a whip. His mind amazes me. His brain functions a step above most.
3. When I am sick, he is THE BEST nurse. He takes care of the house, the kids & gets me anything I need. It's almost fun to be sick because he treats me like a queen. :) I said ALMOST.
4. He is very service oriented. He LOVES to mow peoples lawn without them nowing. He's the first to help someone move into their house. He's always willing to help at the drop of a hat.
5. He's overcome a great deal in his life & honestly, I'm not sure most would come out as fair as he did with what he had to face. I'm amazed at his strength.
6. He genuinely loves his kids & has a strong desire to be a great Father.
7. Jeff loves me for me. He doesn't criticize, give tips - he just let's me be my true self.
8. Jeff trusts me 100%! I never need to explain anything.
9. Jeff loves to surprise me! He'll do anything to try to surprise me.
10. He's a great on the grill!! Salmon is his specialty.
11. He's pretty dang cute! :)
12. He's the best travel companion. He drives, makes the schedule & does it all!
I just sit & enjoy the ride. Love it!!
13. He's the best with directions. It's easier to call him then to go to mapquest.
14. He's a baby whisperer. He has a secret way of getting babies to sleep. It's magic!
15. He does a great elephant impersonation.
16. When he REALLY wants to do something, nothing stands in his way. He'll go without sleep for days until it's accomplished. This is a wonderful & terrible thing about him. HA!
17. Jeff is a thinker. His mind holds a lot & I can always tell when he's pondering something new.
18. The best gift I ever received was the day he cleaned the entire house & gave me the day off!! LOVED IT!! Don't know too many husbands who are willing to do that. :)
19. He is Mckenna's 100% supporter in Volleyball. He hasn't missed a practice, a game or a tournament. She's pretty lucky to have such a dedicated dad.
20. Beging married to Jeff has been like a rollercoaster - lots of ups & downs, but a great adventure!! :)
I love you honey!!

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Dahly Mama said...

Lucky! (said in my best Napoleon Dynamite imitation voice!!). Dang cool!
Also, just have to comment on your "get with the program" post. I did not know, except that you'd been separated. Life can be so "interesting" can't it? 2008 was a different year for me too. You sound great though. I'm glad for you and your awesome attitude.