Sunday, March 1, 2009

A fun day at the park with Bren!!

Riding the carousel!!
Brianna feeding the duckies! We spent a whole hour doing this! This was her favorite thing to do!

Brianna & I waiting for the train to arrive! 20 minutes seemed like a LONG time for a 4 yr old!!
The train arrived & we were on our way!! See ya later!!!

I realized a few weeks ago that I only have 2 months left to spend one-on-one with my little girl! In 2 months school is out which means chaos with everyone home! Then she starts kindergarten in August. My little girl isn't little anymore! I already miss her & she isn't gone yet!! So, I decided that she & I needed a "special" day where it's just she & I hangin' out doing fun stuff. Every Friday we are going on an OUTING! :) This week we went to Freestone Park where they have a fun train ride, ducks & carousel. We packed a fun lunch & lots of bread & we were on our way! I've highlited some of the fun stuff!

Brianna is my last child & will be turning 5 in a few month. My baby is 5!! She has been an absolute JOY! She is so much fun & has a personality that everyone seems to love! She is the best little dancer you ever did see! I'll have to post a video sometime. I am so grateful to have this little girl & couldn't imagine my life without her.

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roseanne said...

Is that possible!!! She was just a tiny baby yesterday!! She is seriously cute!!!